Marrakech II

Here we go with part II of my Marrakech trip with Michele.

Jardin Majorelle
Most tourist visiting Marrakech will probably visit Jardin Majorelle, also known as Yves Saint Laurents house. The cool thing about this garden are the trees, cactus and the bright blue house. Since many tourist come here, be sure to visit as early in the morning as possible.
Riad de Tarabel
We met some locals that proudly showed us this little gem of a Riad. They are friends of the owner, a prince that lives on Chateau Tarabel in France, which is why this Riad has it’s name. It’s very beautfull and carefully designed. A wonderful mix of Marocco and France.
La Mamounia
I think this is probably the most famous luxury hotel in Marrakech. The pool is very nice, but  it’s actually kind of akward to swim there. It’s more decoration than anything else.  The entery kost 50.- dollars and they only have one pool plus a small bubble bath wich I think is totally overrated.
Royal Mansour
This is also a famous luxury  Hotel in Marrakech. I was surprise to find out, that it’s not only a Hotel it’s almost a whole city!  A city with big Riads that they rent out. Super fancy place but for my taste a little to pompous. The pool is very nice though.
Café Clock
We changed our Riad to the other corner of the city, close to this Restaurant. It’s a pretty cool hipster kind of place.
La Pause
My absolute favorite part of the trip was la pause!! Only 45min outside of the city, you’ll find this dessert oasis. No Wifi, no electricity, just you and nature.


  1. Oh my!!! Such a beautiful and inspiring travel photo diary! Thank you for sharing!