Bocas del Toro

Greetings from Costa Rica, I just checked into a Hotel with wifi, what a great feeling. Last week we were staying in Bocas del Toro on the Island Bastimentos to be exact. I booked a tree house via air b&b and was super excited to stay their. Little did I know it was a 15-20 min marsh trough the rain forest, no prepared path and all up hill with a suit case. Things you laugh about later  in life. It was a cute little cabin in the rain forest, actually pretty cool, rain collected water and solar energy. We had light but no plugs to charge our phones and no Wifi, and you could only use as much water as it rained, so that was pretty something for us. Bocas del Toro is generally very much into this organic, free spirit, surfer boy, hippie, rastafari lifestyle if you know what I mean. Every one is easy going and their are 1 million backpackers and hostels. You won’t find luxury hotels here.
The Panamanien them selfs are pretty poor and live somewhere in the mountains in their little self made wooden hoses in between banana and coconut trees. Many work for Chiquita banana, on coffee or chocolate farms or sell some fruits and veggies on the streets.
We had the chance to do a coffee farm tour, which was very very interesting and also did a chocolate tour, just because we’re swiss and my boyfriend works in the chocolate industry. If you did the coffee tour the chocolate one isn’t so interesting anymore. It’s kind of the same.  I’ll be showing you some photos in an other post.
After Boccas we went to  Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica by a shuttle bus. We had to get out of the car with our suitcase’s and walk over a railway bridge to cross the boarder. That was kind of funny, cause in most country’s they’ll just look at your passports and let pass. Puerto Viejo is pretty similar to Bocas just that everything looks a little more cleaned up. We stayed their for two days and now we’re in San jose the main city of Costa Rica. We have a nice big hotel room, with loads of internet, endless water, electricity and best of all air conditioning. Things you learn to appreciate.


  1. You lucky girl! I was in Bocas this time last year! I LOVED it! I went to Playa Estrella, which is a beach full of star fish! Can’t wait to see more:D!


  2. WOW! This is amazing! My fiancée is from Costa Rica- he will love your photos! ENjoy your stay, dear!

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos! Looks like you’re having a wonderful vacation. Would love to visit Costa Rica one day 🙂

  4. Stunning pics and place! Thanks for your comment in my blog would you like to follow each other?:)

  5. WOW! Qué lugar más bonito!