Nr. 1 leaving Home

  Endlich melden wir uns mit unserem ersten Post. Mittlerweile weilen wir schon in der Mongolei. Allerdings ist es seit geraumer Zeit das erste Mal, dass wir eine ausreichende Internet-Verbindung

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Honeymoon Roadtrip

It’s only a few weeks till August, till our wedding and till our big fat road trip! I don’t think I ever mentioned it on the blog. We’ll be doing

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Surprise Bachelorette Party

Wow, they totally surprised me. It was Saturday June the 23rd. My day started so unsuspicious. Sven and I were cleaned our apartment and taking trash to the recycling station.

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My personal Vitra chair

My living room is full of Vitra chairs, as of you might have realized. I’m an absolut fan. I got my first chair when I worked for SWISS and we

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