What happened to our Fashion

Yesterday evening I went to the van Cleef & Arpels event with Michele. A brand I adore very much. I don’t know why I know this brand, I think I just always recognized the famous Alhambra necklaces. Because of that I was very excited to get to know this brand better and after this evening I adore it even more. The lady that showed us the collection was a very chic elderly women, who spoke French, English and Italien perfectly. I honestly don’t know what her mother tongue is. She was so chic and beautiful, I promised myself to be just a chic when I get older. She told us that it was really sad that everyone’s wearing these sneakers, ripped jeans and jogging pants and I totally agreed. What’s beautiful about broken or comfortable cloth? It’s the same with Architecture and Design as well.  As much as I love the modern clean look, the most beautiful buildings are still the historic romanic ones. You can walk around looking cool and edgy, but classy and chic will always be the most beautiful. Even in 100 years. Often I walk trough the streets and wonder what a women from the 18th century would think about or fashion. To be honest dresses are so much more beautiful than jeans and a sweaters.
I don’t want to by a hypocrite or anything. I love wearing sweaters and sneakers and I think It can look cool as well, but this women just really inspired me to do some more chic looks.
And because of that I chose to post this look instead of the other more sporty look. This jacket reminds me of some time in fashion, maybe the 60ties. I don’t know If any of you remember the model twiggy with her big eyes, short hair and strait short dresses. This Jacket might have fit into her fashion.
Photos by Michele
Jacket: Gant
Sweater: Gant (similar here)
Pants: Gant (similar here)
Shoes: &other Stories



  1. Really great outfit! I like how you’ve styled it. That jacket is so perfect!


  2. What a gorgeous Fall look! The jacket is amazing and I’m really loving your hair 🙂

  3. I love your newer, chicer look. And your haircut is awesome!


  4. You look really great in these photos, love the hair. Everything fits perfectly together.

    xx Cheyenne

  5. Love this outfit. The jacket is stunning!

  6. Cool dress! I do agree that classy and chic will always be the most beautiful.