Watch the Swatch

Hello Hello, how are you guys? I’m kind of behind with my posts. Yesterday night I was at the Basel World with Swarovski but I’ll tell you more about that when I have those photos ready. Till than you can enjoy a typical Joy on the go look. There is actually a funny story about this look. Well actually about that morning.  So I got this coat the day before for only 29 Dollars instead  of 150 (crazy right). So that morning, I was ready to leave the house and garbed for my keys in the jacket pocket. But little did I know that my pen was broken and had started leaking.

JUUPP my hands were very very blue. So I came late to school, since I was busy scrubbing ink from my hands and there is still a part that I couldn’t get of!  Shit happens.  So If you look very closely you might actually see some ink left on my jacket.

I also decided to wear a watch again, a Swatch to be exact. I think this is my first oversized watch. They did have to take out quite some elements so that it would fit my wrist, but I actually find it pretty cool. What about you? what do you like better, big or small watches? I also visited the opening of the new Swatch store in Zürich and they have a crazy amount of amazing watches.  I think I was in there for like an hour, checking out all those watches and getting really inspired by the different designs.

Jacket Zara ( similar here)
Jeans Zara ( similar here)
blouse Zara ( similar here)
Bag Alexander Wang
Watch by Swatch
Necklace Tiffany 
Shoes Zara ( similar here)



  1. LOVE IT 🙂

  2. Super nice clothes and pics

    vey good job

    you’re blog it’s awesome <3

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I love your coat 😉


  4. Can’t believe you got this coat at $29! What a bargain!

  5. Perfect watch and really nice coat !

  6. I got this coat also for 29 € and love it! My outfit can be seen here:
    Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur