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Don’t be fooled by the nice weather in these photos, those were from last week. I’m currently sitting in my hotel room in grey and rainy Berlin. On Monday I spontaneously decided to fly over to Berlin for fashion week, so I got myself a ticket and left the next morning. Yesterday night I was invited by Stylight for the Fashion influencer Award. They invited so many bloggers to the party that eventually only 10-20 percent  got in.Wasn’t really nice because so many were standing out in the cold for hours. We were lucky and got to party with all the blogger top shots that were invited and saw  Bar Rafaeli and Silvie Meis. I was actually most excited to see Zanita, since she is one of my all time favorite blogger.

Diese Bilder täuschen gewaltig, den momentan sitz ich im grauen, verregneten und kalten Berlin.  Am Montag Abend wollte ich doch noch nach Berlin an die Fashion Week und habe mir spontan noch ein Flug gebucht. Gestern Abend ging ich dann an die Stylight Party wo diverse Blogger ausgezeichnet wurden.  Es waren soviel Blogger eingeladen, dass nur ein kleiner Teil überhaupt rein kam. Ist ein bisschen fies, weil viele für Stunden draussen in der kalte angestanden sind. Ich hatte Glück und kam rein und durfte mit all den Blogger Top- Shots und VIP Gäste wie Bar Rafaeli und Sivie Meis feiern. Am meisten hab ich mich aber über Zanita gefreut, Sie ist definitiv einer meiner Lieblings-Bloggerin.
Photos by Michele
Shirt: Zara
Blouse: Zara
Skirt : Zara
Shoes Rebecca Minkoff
Bag;  Stella McCartney

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  1. wow. s 3te bild isch so mega mega guet!!!

  2. Oh wow! These shoes and bag are absolutely amazing! You look stunning!


  3. gosh love this look, the skirt is so pretty!
    hmmm doesn’t sound to nice that stylight left all those poor bloggers out in the cold, but hey, you had fun hopefully!
    xx ish
    Tiny Heart Beats

  4. That sounds so cool, but crazy that they only let so few in.
    Beautiful photos, love the bag and the shoes.

    xx Cheyenne

  5. Beautiful photos, as always! Love the pleated skirt 🙂

  6. I love this outfit! The pleats on the skirt are great! And congratulations on the wonderful opportunity!

  7. Love the sun on these photos…Reminds me of summer:-) I am glad you got to the awards and I look forward to see some photos from there:-)


  8. Lovely look. Love the shirt

    Made in Mauve

  9. Love the pleated skirt!


  10. You look so beautiful! I love how you styled this look!