Trying something New

Big news. I just chopped of 20-30 cm (8-10 inches) of my hair. As you can see in the posts below, my hair was quite long, it was almost all the way down to my butt. After all the traveling this summer, it was totally dried out and had loads of splits. To be honest I didn’t really want to cut quite that much, but it happened and I like it. It’s so refreshing and I have the feeling it makes me look a little bit older.

People always think I’m way junger than I am. In Vegas one of security guys  insisted that I wasn’t 23 and that my ID was a fake and he didn’t care about my drivers license, train subscription that also has a photo and birth date on it. We had to prove it by showing my facebook profile, that it was really me. I was really pissed than.
I mean why would e security guy even care anyway. He’s wasn’t going to get in trouble if I wasn’t 21, as long as I show him an ID that I was. Even writing this now, makes me angry again. Not even because of  the age thing, but because he was so rude.

We’ll anyway, different person now 🙂 I also wanted to try something new with styling and photography. I got this total gray look from Gant. They have all these great basics I’m totally into right now. I love the pants, they look so cool showing some ankle. Shoes are from my London trip, found them in &Other Stories, which is an other great store we don’t have in Switzerland.
P.s Did you know that &Other Stories, Cos, Monki, Cheap Monday and Weekday all belonged to the H&M group!

So back to my test, besides having this really basic leaned back look, I decided to keep the background really, really clean. I collected some  photos on Pinterest and other blogs to get inspired and find what I was looking for.

I also used one of these pictures for my new business card. My old one still had the blogspot link, wrong email and wrong logo, so it was definitely time to get a new one. I’m picking them up tomorrow!
What do you think of the hair, styling and photo composition?

Photos by Michele
Sweater: Gant
Pants: Gant (similar here)
Shoes: &Other Stories (similar here)
Bag: Alexander Wang (similar here)


  1. Love the shorter hair- looks great on you, Joy! Loving the cozy grey sweater too 🙂

  2. Love it! Love the clean and minimal look.

  3. Love this look!

  4. I love this grey sweater. The hair looks great x
    Thank you so much for your cisit onmy blog 🙂