Now that the days are longer, we have time to shoot looks after work, which isn’t possible during the winter.  An other advantage of it, is that we can catch sunset.  At 8.30 pm we caught this perfect golden sun, shining in my hair. I learned photography in a photo studio, where I worked with lightning system. I could point the lights in any direction, make a combination with several lights and choose the contrast. I new exactly how to get to the effect I wanted. When I finished I didn’t have a studio anymore and started shooting mostly outdoors. After some time I realized that the natural light behaves pretty much the same, just that you can’t set it your self. So I started studying the different light situation during the day. Now I know which weather and time of the day I need to go out to get the effect I want. This is defiantly one of my highlight though. I’ve never caught such a great light for blog photos bevor. I was really excited the evening to get home and look at the images on the computer. What do you think?
Photos by Michele (P.s have you seen her new design? cool huh?)
shorts: Zara (similar here)
Blouse: Mango
Shoes: Bata (similar here)
Bag: Alexander Wang


  1. Hi, a beautiful look and photos, greetings.

  2. That golden hour is so pretty! I love the 2nd shot especially x