Stripes and More

Michele just got a new amazing lens, the Canon 85mm 1.2. Can you tell the difference? I love the extreme blurry background in these pictures!
I’m wearing my new fav. shoes, remember when I got them at the energy fashion night because I only took one shoe with me! I ended up running in Zara and getting these!  Plus there the first normal black classic heels I have! 
I’m not a big fan of these Long Champ bags because every second girl in Zürich seems to have it. But I  wanted a big traveling bag and I thought, getting a  Long Champ XXXL traveling bag isn’t the same has having it as a hand bag like every one else has. So I ordered on, and of course I somehow managed to get a smaller version than I wanted. I don’t have a traveling bag, but I do have a laptop bag now 🙂
pants: Zara (similar here)
Shirt: Zara  (similar her)
Bag: Longchamp
Heels: Zara ( similar here or here)
Ring: Brand Melville


  1. nice blog, i love your looks and style, you are charming !!!

  2. I love how you styled the pants ! Amazing outfit ! and OMG yes about the long champ , every girl in Egypt has one too , which is so annoying :/

    Do you want to follow each other and thanks for commenting on my blog btw


  3. You look so nice and that pants are perfect. I like stripes. Have a nice monday.

  4. very stylish, love your pants

    I follow you on GFC FB and Blovin dear can you follow me too



  5. Amazing !!!

  6. Perfect look! xxx

  7. Looks really nice!

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