Snapchat phenomenon?

What do you guys think of this whole snapchat phenomenon? A friend at school once showed it to me and we laughed all day, sending each other funny snaps. But now bloggers seem to have discovered Snapchat and think they have to follow the social media trend. I’m not really sure how I like that. On one hand I thinks it’s really fun to see a more authentic side of all the bloggers I follow. We all know that Instagram isn’t real life. So that’s quite refreshing. On the other hand it’s kind of setting me under pressure to snap my self, especially now that Chiara has joined that game. I don’t feel like doing that at all, so for now I’m just gonna lean back and see how this thing develops. Maybe the hype will pass, just like it did with Vine.

Was haltet ihr so vom ganzen Snapchat Phänomen? Ich hab es ursprünglich durch eine Schulkollegin kennen gelernt. Wir haben uns im Unterricht dauernd lustige Snaps gesendet und konnten unser Lachen kaum unterdrücken. Jetzt scheinen es Blogger als neues Social Media Phänomen entdeckt zu haben und ich weis nicht so genau wie ich das finde. Ich schau schon gerne Snaps, weil die viel authentischer sind als Instagram Bilder.  Aber jetzt wo Chiara und Kristina beide snapchatten kommen alle andere Blogger auch nach, was mich fast ein bisschen unter Druck setzt. Eigentlich hab ich dazu keine Lust,  darum werde ich das Ganze einfach weiter beobachten und schauen wie es sich entwickelt. Vielleicht geht der Hype wie bei Vine wieder vorbei.
Photos by Michele
Shirt:  Wood Wood
Jeans: Top Shop
Shoes: Miu Miu
Bag: Alexander Wang


  1. I feel the exact same way! Do we need another network? And do we have to join just because everyone else is?


  2. I’ll try to avoid Snapchat for as long as I can because I feel like people are now “popping” out of everywhere and have 10000 social accounts that it’s getting ridiculous. Then again, as a blogger that lives from blogging, I can see where the pressure to stay “on top of your game” comes from. It’s a “tricky” choice but I guess that we all sooner or later will end up on Snapchat too.

    Anyway, I really love your blouse, it’s so unique!

    • WE’ll I’m happy to see I’m not the only person thinking like that;-)

  3. Love your hat and the shirt! What a cool outfit!

  4. I don’t like snapchat, I don’t get the hype around it and for me it is another way how people are disconnected from reality..they should meet, not just send pics and vids, mostly completely stupid..


    • You’r so right, I think it’s better to spend time with real friends in real life.

  5. I noticed this new trend too and like you, I’m a bit iffy about it…
    Ps: Love your hat!

    Erika xx

  6. i follow your blog since quite a while. like almost everything you show us.. but whenever these shoes are part of the game i kinda dislike. i love high heels but something is wrong with them.. the white sole, the straps.. maybe its these two things in combo.

    • Great to hear from you, I’m so happy you read my blog. Yeah these shoes are a little special I must admit. I personally love them there actually my absolute favorite shoes. I guess tastes are different, but that’s a good thing and I’m sure I’ll soon have a new shoes crush and than you won’t have to see these to often 😉

  7. This shirt is stunning!!