Sale Shopper

Short lunch break with Michele before I had to run of to a meeting with one of my clients!  I always try to find a good balance between I’m on the go and need to be comfortable but make a serious impression at meetings and not look like some kind of chicymicky girl. But still  want to look good, and that’s not to easy sometimes.

I’m wearing basically everything I got on sale last week. I’m a crazy sale shopper and love getting good deals. First stop was Grieder where I had my shooting two weeks ago. This is where I found these IRO pants and Rag & Bone shirt.  I’m  absolutely crazy about Alexander Wang but with IRO I’ve defiantly found I new brand I really like! Also Rag & Bone is totally my cup of tea. 
An hour later I walked into Maje and found this leather jacket and just couldn’t resist. And they have an other 2-3 jackets really I want but I have to keep my self back! 
H&M Belt


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  2. Love the red leather jacket!

  3. Amazing as always dear 😉

    xx Selina