I’ve never been happier to see the sun! two weeks ago it was raining and even snowing and than the summer hit us like a bombe! Ever lasting sunshine and 30° I couldn’t wish for more. I’ve been soaking up every ray of sunlight, laying at the swimming pool all day and working on my tan! So when It gets hot like that I prefer to wear the lightest and easiest thing I can find in my wardrobe, this playsuit was the perfect find! loving the deep red rich color, just brightens up my day even more!
I have to say It was so crazy hot that day, It took a lot of energy to stand up and shoot these pictures! A little shade and a fresh breeze from the river below did help


  1. pretty !! ; ]

    i invite to me too

  2. mega schöner Hosenanzug! Von wo ist der?

  3. You look wonderful!

  4. Super pretty post!! You look amazing, as always!! =D
    I really love the jumpsuit!! =D

    Big kiss,

  5. amazing style 🙂

    I’m following you now via bloglovin!

  6. You look really stunning! That jumpsuit is just adorable!


  7. Hola guapa!!
    Oooohhh perfecto look ;)que buena combinación. Estás muy guapa.

  8. this is such an adorable and breezy outfit, perfect for summer time. and great pictures 🙂