Photographer look

I just got a new camera lens! A Nikon 70-200mm which is good for shooting things that are far away, for instance football. That was also the main reason why I got this lens. Don’t get me wrong, I`m absolutely not the football girl. Not at all! I actually don’t know anything about sports.  But I had a job to film at the football game FCB against Chelsea, and though it would be good to have that lens. I’ve been wanting it forever. There are 3 lenses from Nikon that you need to cover the hole range from wide to close. I had the first two : 14-24mm and 24-70mm and now I finally have the last lens 70-200mm.
I can even use this lens for blog photos. The background looks more blurred which is what I want for outfit photos. My next goal is to make a little more creative photos. More poses and different perspectives. Think more about how background and outfit should match together. ect.
This was the look I wore to shoot the football game, what I also call my photographers look. When I’m shooting I try to look more tomboyish so people actually trust me.  I mean I’m short and blond and if I would wear a dress, people would just think I’m a hobby photographer. So ripped jeans, denim, chunky boots and black clothing is what I wear when I’m on the go.
Zara ripped jeans, shirt, blouse and jaket
Vagabond boots
Aldo hat


  1. wow dear you look stunning! love this outfit!

    Emma xx

  2. love the first pic 🙂
    great outfit, especially jacket!
    I really like your style, follow you 🙂