Newport Beach

So bad at posting while I’m  traveling. Happens to be harder than I thought. I just arrived in Panama city yesterday night. By the time we arrived at the airport it had already gotten dark, so we had to drive through Panama in our rent car to find our hostel. Driving through some corners of Panama, that aren’t so inviting, especially be night. Our Hostel happen to be very central in a more polished place, which is great unless you try to find a parking spot at what seemed to be a popular party hot spot. After driving in circles for a while we finally found our hostel and left the car to a local sleeping on the streets, promising to take care till the next day. We were to tired to care.
Casco Viejo, the part of the city were staying at is very pretty, showing old colonial houses the Spanish had built during their time here. We did a long walk all the way into the city, where you find lot’s of skyscrapers. Also got my first sun burn on a cloudy day. My boyfriend warned me, because that had happened to him,when he was in Brasil once.
In these photos I’m at Newport beach in California, my friends favorite place to go. It’s a charming quite beach, with adorable little beach house. We stayed there for the afternoon and than went over to fashion island to get some dinner. Fashion Island is a really cool place for shopping, I wish I could have stayed there all day. I actually planed to buy 1 million things during my stay in america, but enden up buy hardly anything cause I was doing to many other things.  But I did get this shirt from Free People


  1. Such a pretty top! You look beautiful!

  2. Lovely shirt and very funny and beautiful pics

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  3. Beautiful photos. You look lovely when you smile! Enjoy Panama City.

  4. What a gorgeous, summery look! The beach is beautiful! xo

  5. This is such a cute top. Shame you didn’t have more time, there are some quite amazing things to check out in the area.

    xx Cheyenne