MFW at the Cavalli Show

Here are the first pictures from Milan fashion week at the Cavalli show. Once again I had the opportunity to meet Chiara from the Blond Salad. I really admire how she made here blog into such a successful business.
 I really enjoy the fashion week Vibe! Everybody is dressed up, running from show to show, party to party. Hectic and crazy but always a fun adventure.
I’m wearing my new baby blue colored jacket that I got in London, as you might have already seen in the post below. It’ s actually pretty crazy how almost everybody always wears black jacket during winter. I usually do that too, and I can really tell how everyone stares at me with this bright jacket. But during fashion week every thing is allowed, right :-)?
Jacket: Top Shopt
Dress: Top Shop
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Alexander Wang
Necklace: Zara


  1. Love the bright coat! And omg you meet Chiara, she’s one of my favourite bloggers x

  2. i love your blue jacket so much! 🙂

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  3. id love to find a pretty bright jacket likes this one

  4. That jacket is great. I love it with the necklace!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  5. I like your coat !


  6. Blond Salad is way successful , most the 1th blog in the plant. many big benefits comes to Chiara. You look great with the blue attached coat. You are gonna be famous too