Just add Hermes to it

The fall-Winter collections or out in stores and I’m so excited about it! Every thing is so rock`n`roll and I’m absolutely loving that mood. All these checkered shirts, dark red colors, ripped jeans and leather jackets are just fantastic. I already got my checkered-flower mixed top even though it’s still summer. I added this hermes clutch which is pure luxury. You can feel and smell the quality of the leather and see how it’s perfectly sewn together. Just like the white hermes leather bracelet. It’s actually quite a coincidence that my nails were white but it’s great because it just matches perfectly with the bracelet.
Clutch: Hermes
Bracelet: Hermes
Top and skirt: Zara


  1. Bonita blusa!!

  2. Lovely skirt!


  3. VERY NICE BLOG 🙂 glad to be here! Follow!

    love checkered-flower mixed top!

  4. I’m loving the pattern mixing and this whole look! Darling!

    stop by sometime <3

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