How Improve your Photography Quality

As I told you in the last post, I was wasn’t to happy about my blog photos since they were looking pale and boring. In my opinion their is nothing worse than bad photography and small sized pictures on a blog or let’s say it the other way around, their is nothing better than a blog with amazing photography. That’s one of the reasons I’m so interested in improving myself. So the first thing I did was compare my blog photos with loads of different blogs that have amazing photography. Some of my favorites are: Gary Pepper, Zanita, Shine by Three and Raspberry Rouge. There are different things about their pictures that are amazing.  First off all, let’s start with the photography part.

Camera: Of cours it’s important to have a great camera, I know not everyone has the money for that, but before you start investing 4000 dollars in a Chanel bag to brag with, I would find it smarter to buy a great camera. Nikon is mostly good for studio photography and has great sharpness and Canon is great for outdoor and has wonderful colors.

Lens: The Lens is just as important as the camera. If your only shooting blog images I would go for a fixed focal length, with a wide aperture  like 1.4 or 2.8. If your interested im photography in general than go for a zoom, but a good one can be quite expensive.

Shooting: Just because you have a great camera, doesn’t mean your a great photographer. For blog photos try to use the widest aperture possible 1.4 or 2.8. This way the background will be blurry and won’t distract from your actual look. Also try to find a venue that matches your look. We mostly shoot in our home town and tend to shoot at the same places. But you can really improve by choosing your background wisely. Is my look rock n roll or more classy? What colors am I wearing? Maybe you’ll find a matching background.

Light:  An other import factor you should think of is the light. Sunny weather is great, but it’s horrible for photography unless you know how to work with the strong sunlight. The easiest way is to shoot in the shade, that way you’ll avoid having dark shades on your eyes or anywhere else in your face.

Editing:  If you have photoshop always shoot in RAW. RAW saves a lot more informations about the images, which helps your later in the edit. Jpg compresses the images and puts an auto correction over it. That’s great for beginners and helps your photos look great.

If you shot in Raw you can now edit your photos. Since I shoot with Nikon my images aren’t as bright.  I like to ad more saturation, contrast and sharpness to the images and if needed work on the white balance.



  1. Perfect poncho and bag! This is an amazing outfit for Fall!

  2. Great photography tips! We started using Nikon, 1,8 lens, and the quality of our photos has skyrocketed. I use Picmonkey program for editing photos and I am really happy with it.

    Love your poncho and those over-the-knee suede boots!

  3. Great tips! Your photos are always so clear and colourful 🙂


  5. I have a Nikon as well. A lot of times you can play with the settings to get the images you want which means less time spent on editing. You have options for more vividness or adding blue or red/orange tones through settings to either warmify or make them look cold depending on the pictures you want but I do agree, quality of pictures on a blog is always a plus for bloggers. Rather than some of the ones I see with small images and of poor image quality and composition.

  6. Wow so chic and classy look! You are gorgeous!

  7. This look is absolutely gorgeous 🙂 Love everything about it!

    Purely Me by Denina Martin