Double Denim

I’m in Holland with my Boyfriend right now. It took us an 8 hour drive to get their. On Sunday and Monday we went to his grandma, visited his cousin and had the obligatory Dutch pancakes. I could eat them all day, besids the other two national dishes: French fries and krokette 🙂
I also found a graphic tablet that was 50% of. I have one at work and was really pissed when I got home and had to edit with the pad of a laptop. I’m so excited to get home and set that all up.
Today we drove further to Friesland today. We didn’t want to take the freeway, because it get’s so boring so we turned off the navigation and drove through the villages using a map. How cool is it, if your still able to read a map, after getting used to all these gadgets.
This is a look I wore to work. It was a pretty warm that day, but since I work in the basement it’s usually quite fresh. This double denim gave me warm but was airy at the same time.
Photos by Michele
Top: Gant
Jean: Zara ( also love)
Shoes: Bata (also love)
Bag; Alexander Wang


  1. Fabulous masculine outfit!

  2. lovely blouse and jeans!
    new look on my blog!

  3. Lovely outfit, very nice and relaxed.
    I can’t wrap my mind around how you just drove from Switzerland to Holland, must have been quite a drive. But I can imagine it must have been beautiful as well driving past all various landscapes.
    Enjoy your time in Holland.
    xx Cheyenne

  4. Like your casual look a lot! Very pretty!!


  5. Very nice casual denim outfit ^^ Love your sandals


  6. Love the look and it seems Holland was fun.

  7. Great look, as always! Loving the relaxed fit of the jeans and the sandals are amazing! xo