Croped Top

I stille have a lot of photos to show you, we’ll start of with this look  from 2 weeks ago. Light blue Brandy Mel Ville dress with a croped Zara top and a chic necklace from Mango to finish of the look. The Louis Vuitton clutch I borrowed from Michele just for the look 🙂
Currently looking for my last Christmas presents. I got most of them in November so I wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore. Now I’m enjoying the first snow fall that came in yesterday, the lights in the city and the little Christmas markets every were.
Brandy Mel Ville dress
Zara croped top
Mango Necklace
Louis Vuitton clutch
Fake tights


  1. You look so pretty!!

  2. Lovee this way of wearing a cropped, simply so different!


  3. beautiful pictures and look 🙂

  4. pretty !! ;0))

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  5. This is such a cool look! I love the cropped top over the white dress

  6. wow I lovwe your necklace, it’s gorgeous! 🙂

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  7. Oh, pretty! The cropped sweater is perfect over that dress and the necklace is stunning! xo


  8. Wow, really cool necklace! It really takes this outfit to another level.