Color Pancho

Life is good! Were doing a school project with Annabelle, the biggest fashion magazine here in Switzerland! It’s so exciting, yesterday we got to go to their office and  see how they work and today we get to go again and do some research for that project. Jippi yeah!
I love busy days like yesterday! After Annabelle I meet with Michele to shoot some pictures for the blog, then went back to school. I left a little earlier because I had a filming job and than spontaneously jumped in for a friend, to work in the restaurant. 
You would think after e hectic day like that, I would fall in bed dead, but I feel like I didn’t sleep a second. Actually I woke up once scared because I though I missed the alarm, but it as 1 O’clock in the mooring. Haha . Probably because of full moon. 
Pancho Zara: find similar here
Blouse Zara: find similar here

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  1. you look so beautiful i love this poncho so much!! *__*
    wanna follow each other??

  2. wunderschöns outfit, d farbe sind perfekt! 🙂 und frohi oschtere!