Checkered mix

This was my summer look bevore it started snowing again here in Switzerland!
Checkered pants and checkered knit top and a shiny bright clutch to brighten it all up and fit my neon heels. Finally found a legit outfit to wear them. I think a day later it got colder and stared raining. Same time that coachelle started and every one was posting sunny-palm-tree-pool-side pictures on Instagram. That was the day I decided to spend the rest of my life in some freaking tropical country.
pant: Zara
Shirt; Zara
clutch: H&M
Shoes: Mango


  1. Your shoes are amazing! 🙂


  2. Very cute xx

  3. That shoes and short! Super chic
    Is it still snowing in Switzerland o.O Glad you found some warm weather though 🙂
    Xo Asli.

  4. Oh die hösli findi so schön