Casual Day Wear

Hi I’m back with a more casual look. This isn’t excatly my favorite outfit but it’s really practical. I was shooting that day so I decided to wear some compfy black tourers and leather jacket. Can you believe this is my first leather jacket? We’ll I used to have one but that was blue, but I mean this is my fist classical black leather jacket. An other classic in a girls wardrobe especially for me how’s actually a typical leather jacket girl. I can’t believe it took me so long to get one. I’ve been wearing it almost every day since I got it!
Leather Jacket: Zara (find similar here)
Trousers: Zara (find similar here)
Blouse: Zara (find similar here)
Boots: Zara (find similar here)
Micheles louis Vuitton Bag


  1. I love this outfit! And the leather jacket it’s great!

  2. I choose practical outfits on a daily basis but with the right accessories they become so stylish! I love the jacket and those pants are gorgeous! adore.

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    Style Infatuation

  3. Beautiful

  4. that shirt looks so interesting!

  5. Omg..! i love your outfit..! specially the leather jacket look so gorgeous..!