All about the Bag

Photos by Michele

As promissed I’ll show you some of my sale bargains. One of them is this 3.1 Philip Lim bag! I could not believe my eyes when I saw it on sale!  I think I looked into the mail box almost every day waiting for my dear bag to arrive.  I was extremely surprised to see the the bag was so big! But I’m actually very happy because my laptop fits in perfectly. I used to cary it in my light LFW cotton bag but this looks so much better!



  1. Beautiful outfit! Great bag and dress!

  2. You look so chic!

  3. The bag is gorgeous! Just the right color. I’m happy you got it on sale. Good for you!
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  4. I’m completely in love with your bag <3 Super cool !

  5. I love it!!

  6. you always look very beautiful! love your bag!

  7. Oh wow, that bag is absolutely beautiful! What a great sale find. Loving the dress too! xo


  8. Looking great!
    Love the nice details in the shoes 😉

  9. cute look ; >>

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