MBFDZ Opening Night

I had the time of my life yesterday, so much fun and so exciting. I get all crazy in moments like this, I love meeting all my fashion friends. Catching up and talking about all the gossip ( I know.. I’m such a girl),  drinking champaign, laughing and taking all these photos.  I get all hyperactive, I could probably run a marathon after events like this, it gives me so much energy. I also loved my look that evening, that’s probably my favorite outfit of all times. I was wearing the YDE blouse, I’ve shown you on the blog before with a peplum skirt from Zara. But what totally rocked the look is the amazing headband from Carmen Cita Jones. She is one of the few people who actually makes beautifull ornate, opulent jewelry, something that’s hard to find between all these modern jewels these days. I totally love what she does and was so happy to wear this amazing head piece. I felt like Blair Waldorf in Dolce Gabbana
After all the photos and greetings we got to go to the VIP dinner. I ate so much I thought my belt would burst open. Luckily we could sit most of the time which is great in moment like these, plus it prevents from having aching feet. The shows were great, I discoverd a cool, new designer called Lug von Siga. The collection was a real surprise, we all loved the patterns and the pattern mix, the beautiful golden details and with blue, white and beige the perfect color pallet. Max Mara of course was the ultimate highlight of the evening, I noticed that some of the guys didn’t like the oversized jackets (but they have no idea) they were great and what I loved best was the tweed and gold mix. Such a cool Idea. I’m seriously thinking of doing a similar look for one of the other days.  What an evening and this was only the first day!
Photos from: Michele, Anja, Mirjam, Usgang.ch, Tilllate.

Blouse: YDE Copenhagen
Skirt: Zara
Headband: Carmen Cita Jones
Earrings: Carmen Cita Jones
Shoes; YSL
Bag; M.k


  1. Oh wow!! You looked breathtaking!


  2. Wow, you look so great , like professional fashion VIP. Your blog must be very popular or you will not invited to attend big fashion show. I am happy for you. A little bit Jealous.