Last day of MBFDZ started with an Uber ride to the blogger brunch in Bohemia Zürich. We enjoyed delicious blueberry pancakes in the romanic atmosphere of an American Brasserie looking restaurant. With stuffed round bellies we made our way to the Schiffbau, where we discovered the bohemia inspired spring collection of H&M. 

The first stage of shows started at 5pm with selected Swiss designers. Most of the designs were to vintage and old school for my taste, but Perret Schaad was 
very refreshing with his bright color combinations. 
The second show stage however was surprisingly good. Asandri and Aziza Zina showed us a more elegant, chic and grown up women. But the absolute high light was Good & Vitalini ending the show with a fantastic red ball dress. Everyone started applauding, overwhelmed by the beauty of the dress!



  1. amazing!
    xoxo Sienna


  2. PERFECT outfit. Very Carry :-))

  3. This is such a great outfit!! Really obsessed about mixing a full skirt with a sweater like that.


  4. you look beautiful and perfect look!

  5. Love this look lady.

  6. Lovely skirt and necklace, you look gorgeous!


  7. Beautiful photos! Loving the volume in the skirt and your sweater looks so cozy 🙂