Etihad Event

Yesterday was the evening of all evenings! We were invited to the Etihad event at the Dolder Grand hotel which is the most fanciest hotel in all of Zürich. It looks like a castel and is on top of a hill with view over the Zürich and it’s lake.  We got their a little early to make some photos  at this stunning place. When we entered the event and dived into a wonderfull arabic atmosphere, we were all in aw! Amazing buff, beautiful venue and in one corner you could sit on colorful pillows and get a henna Tattoo. At first I didn’t really take notice of the women doing my hands because she was wrapped in black. But than I started talking to her and found out that she’s such a cool person, a young Indian women, living in Abu Dabi and Is one of those lucky girls that didn’t have to get married by the age of 13. she’s a free spirit and loves to travel the world. It was so fun meeting her.
Than we got to look at the seats for business and first class. Okay you can’t talk about seats anymore, these were apartments! It had a little sitting corner with table for about 2-4 people, a  SHOWER and a BED! I’ve always travelled a lot, but I defiantly did not know that this existed! I knew business class had the bigger seats and I assumed first class must be even more spacious, but I never imagined that the people up front, actually had their own little apartment suits!
Etihad than introduced a little live performance, of the one and only….. RONAN KEATING. I was so surprised, we sang his songs at school. This is a totally legend! I would love to tell my musik teacher from high school about this, he would totally kill me.
But that’s not all and I actually don’t now why this happened. DAVID HASSELHOF was just randomly standing their in the same room with us. This event was a totally surprise and one of the coolest blogging experience Michele, Anja and I ever had!  The goodie bag litterly blew us away, and since we were having such a great time feeling like true princess or like Sex and the City in AbuDabi, we ordered us a fancy Uber limo to pic us up in front of the most beautiful hotel in Switzerland. Thank you so much Etihad, I hope to fly first class some day!
Photos by Michele, Anja and Me
Skirt: MSGM
Blouse: Mango
Shoes YSL
Bag: Prada


  1. Wow!! Everything looks and sounds like a fabulous event! Luck you girl 🙂

  2. Du mit David ist ja der Wahnsinn!
    Schönes Outfit! 🙂

  3. Haha, so funny and random that you met David Hasselhoff! The event sounds super fun and I love that pleated skirt you’re wearing 🙂

  4. Sounds like an amazing event! Love the henna tattoo x