De Grisogono

Last week I had the opportunity to discover the new collection of De Grisogono in the beautiful luxury store La Serlas.  The iconic Fawaz Gruosi was there in person to present the collection he had created in honer of his beloved daughter Allegra. A watch of leather bonds symoblising the bond to his daughter, that are as colorful as life and as vibrant as love. Fawaz is a very charming man, with a warm smile, carrying a joyful and welcoming aura around him. It was a pleasure to meet him and have a glimpse of his world.
Photos by Michele, Dave Biedert and me
Skirt: Finders Keepers from Zalando


  1. It’s true they look fantastic and vitaminic!!
    love your classy and cool look to

  2. So sweet pictres ;)))

    xoxo Iren

  3. Love what you’re wearing and the pieces look exquisite x

  4. Looks like a great event! The jewelry looks super pretty and I’m loving your skirt 🙂