Basel World with Swarovski

As you might have already seen on Instagram, last week Swarovski invited me to Basel World to discover their Spring  Summer collection.  We had the honer to meet Nathalie, creative director of Swarovski and Shourouk Rhaiem from Shourouk, you probably all know, right??. I’m a very big fan of her, and I  was so excited to see the collection Nathalie and Shourouk created together. For the first time Shourouk designed a watch with Swarovski.  I got to see a preview, OMG I love it! I’m sure you would to, I promise to show you the watch as soon as it’s available. I hope I can get my hands on them.
Basel World ist acutally about watches, but since Swarovski is so famous for there jewelry  we got to see some of the crazy extravagant Necklaces. I hope I can wear them for a shooting some time, they’re sooooo gorgeous!
After all these amazing impression and meeting these two amazing talents, we were hungry and when to a little cute restaurant in the heart of Basel. Enjoyed a nice evening with Swarovski. What a day
Photos by Michele, Anja and me


  1. Love your jacket !