Travel to Chimgan – Uzbekistan

Travel to Chimgan – Uzbekistan

During our stay in Tashkent we did a day trip to the mountains in Chimgan. We used to go skiing here when we live in Uzbekistan. They have a slow lift and a chair lift that are really old, so don’t expect too much. Although shortly I was told that Uzbekistan is known for Heli boarding, which surprised me.

During the summer it’s nice to go to the mountains for a fresh breeze. The day we went it was 35 degrees in the city and 20 up in the mountains. You can go horseback riding or take the chair lift up the mountain. The lift looks very old but I dared to go up anyway.We discovered that people like to tie fabric to the fence for prayer and luck.

From up there you’ll see a reservoir where Uzbek like to go swimming, jet skiing or motor boating. It’s like a local vacation spot.

At most markets or Taxi places you’ll be able to organize a driver for the day. We payed 25 Dollars (160’000 Cym) for our driver.


  1. looks nice! would love to travel there!