Travel by Train in Uzbekistan

After our stay in Tashkent we traveled on to Bukhara –> Samarkand and back to Tashkent. We got our Tickets 3 days in advance which was a good idea, because we had to stand in line for 1-2 hours.

Since they register every single passport it took around 20 min to get tickets for the 5 of us. It took another 20 min for the second ticket since they had to type in everything again. It’s not really an efficient system. We didn’t get the 3rd Ticket that day because the people behind us were starting to get grumpy and we didn’t feel like waiting another 20 min.  We came back the next day.

Our train left around 9 PM so we came 2 hours earlier since we heard the security check takes so long and people who only went 1 hour earlier got in a hustle. In our case 1 hour would have been enough but you never know.  Security check is similar to the airport so don’t forget to take your passport with you.

The train was like a sauna when we got in, but luckily it cooled down over night. The windows aren’t that big so it takes a while. We also had a day train from Bukhara to Samarkand. They closed all the windows and put on the air conditioner that didn’t work. The windows were too small to cool anything down so it was quite a pain since it was around 40 degrees outside and a few degrees more inside.

It didn’t make it better that it had a 2 hours delay. That seems to be normal since our first night train from Tashkent – Bukhara also had a 3 hours delay. The night train was actually fine once it cooled down a little. You also don’t have to worry about hygiene; they give you fresh sheets once the train is rolling.

Traveling by train is actually absolutely fine if you’re not traveling in the hottest season. Just go with the flow and watch the dessert like landscape and little villages and farms pass.