Touch up

After getting the basic’s like table, chair and couch I could continue with my favorite part: Decoration! Although In my opinion this is also something that develops over time since the items you display are a collection of things you bump into while traveling for instance. My Boyfriend started an Alcohol section where her places a bottle from every trip.  I’m more about plants, vases and pictures. As a photographer, obviously, I looove Pictures! I have like 60 pinned favorites on Juniqe. I decided to go for some big frames since our walls are so big and the ceiling is so high. The one with the typography I already had in my room. I love the saying. Translated it says something like: On the floor of reality, there’s clearly not enough glitter.  But It’s just placeholder for now. I want to change the picture for another “Nature” themed on that fits the other two. Do you guys have any recommendations? Leave a comment down below and if you prefer to get it yourself use this code: “Fashiongamble<3Juniqe” for a 10% discount.