Through out the day

This week has been crazy, first I visited my boyfriend in Landshut, unfortunately it rained like crazy so we just enjoyed TV and Pizza in Bed.  Than I met up with Michele in Munich for an event and some other meetings. That was fun because I met some old blogger friends and also met some new people. Back in Switzerland I had an other meeting from my daytime job, repacked my bags in 30 min and than left for Holland.
In Holland Michele and I hade a huge shooting marathon. First in the tulip fields close to the famous Keukenhof. Keukenhof it’s self is way to touristy and has loads of old people, so we decided to drive around the villages and found tones of tulip fields with not a single person in sight. That was perfect! We were also super lucky with the weather.

Later that day we shoot in the dunes and on the beach. I can defiantly recommend that to everyone visiting Holland!
When life get’s busy like that, I like to hold on to routines to kind of keep me on track. They’re simple things like trying to eat 3 times a day and get 8 hours of sleep if possible. I also like to put on the Shiseido Ibuki sleeping mask to regenerate my skin over night. That makes my skin glow and look super fresh the next morning. During day time I like to cary the Shiseido Ibuki quick fix mist in my bag. It’s great when you get of your flight and have to go strait to an event or in our case photo shooting. I always have super dry skin from flights, so that’s great to have with me.
Here you go with some random impressions from my stay in Holland.


  1. tolle Bilder! liebe vor allem die schwarz/weissen.

  2. Wow amazing love these photos. Holland looks so beautiful!

  3. Love the photos of the Dunes!