Thoughts on Minimalism

Shortly I watched a series on Netflix called: The Minimalists. This is a topic that keeps interesting me, which is probably kind of ironic as a blogger. But the one thing I learned from blogging, is that I don’t have  to have everything. I used to buy a lot of cloth, designer bags and shoes and the best excuse to buy it was the blog. I always needed new cloth to shoot and it was good reason to buy weird, random eccentric things I’d  only wear once. I don’t regret it all…. I love being unreasonable.

But at some point I had enough and I didn’t want more, I wanted less. I didn’t want those goodies bags anymore. I got upset about the packages I got. I mean it’s cool to get all these beauty products but honestly I hardly do make up, I don’t wear lipstick, I don’t use any fancy creams but I have boxes filled with that kind of stuff.

And that’s where I learned It doesn’t make you happy to have everything.  I than discovered minimalism youtube videos that talk about only having the things you really need and that totally made sense to me. It’s not like I’m a minimalist or anything. I still have way to much. But I like the idea and I try to carry that thought with me.
Anyway this documentation is about two guys who worked for a big corporate company, earned a lot, owned a lot and than said, wait… is this it? Am I just here to work hard and buy even harder? – They quite there jobs and got rid of almost everything they had. If you have Netflix, I totally recommend you watch it.