The Frame TV

While setting up my Apartment I put a lot of thought into what kind of TV would fit in best. Ever since I saw the Serif TV on Social Media, Pinterest ect. I was totally fed up with it, until Samsung brought out the  frame TV.  I’m so happy they don’t just make TV’s but also think about it, as an Interior design element.
The Idea of the TV is that it looks like a picture frame. You can choose from a collection of curated Images for you living room or of course present your own art.
The TV is always on art mode unless you want to watch TV. I don’t watch classic TV that often, but I have my Netflix account connected and watch Series or documentations.
Samsung came over to my home to set up the Frame TV. They also did a little interview and a fun Shooting. Here are some of the photos but head over to the Samsung Blog to read the full interview and see all the photos.