Summer Glamour

Summer Glamour

Dress and Shoes: Zara, Bag vintage store
 I was looking for a perfect beach dress/ outfit for my trip to Egypt, just because I’m so excited.  Then I stumbled over this dress and could suddenly imagine myself wearing it in the evening at the beach drinking cocktails and having the “sex and the city” & “Gossip Girl” moment. YEaaah I love it.
Oooh and guess what just happened. I was on my way home from the train station and this poor teenage boy incidentally took the wrong train and couldn’t get back home because it was midnight and no train back. He asked me for help since I was the only person there. He wanted to sleep in our garage and of course I couldn’t say no. But I also can’t just let a boy freeze in our garage, so I let him in our house.  Weird having a stranger here! But I’m shore I did the right thing. What you have done?


  1. This outfit is sooo Blair Waldorf I LOVE!!! I try to channel Blair when I can

  2. Das Kleid ist unheimlich schön. Und klasse, wie du reagiert hast auf den armen Jungen.. 🙂


  3. Such a pretty dress! The color looks great on you.