Stereo and Szuk Event

Stereo and Szuk Event

 Dress, Shorts and Necklace H&M, Cardigan Vero Moda
Me and my fellow bloggers ( Mirjam, Timy, Andrea)  met up in Zürich for the events. The first one was a vernissage. I had no Idea what it was about and was pretty astonished when I saw cheep slutty dressed women standing on podiums. My dear friend Mirjamexplained to me that it was about buying/ using women, a champagne that wants to make a change.
Later on we went to stereo, where I did a shooting not too long ago, a shopping event with drinks and apero. I also got to meet Andrea from Chic in Zürich for the first time. She has a wonderful street style blog with amazing pictures.


  1. Very cool you meet up with blogger friends. Your outfit is fantastic. Very nice shorts.

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  2. Lovely necklace !:)

  3. Great outfit, love the black and white trend!



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  4. This is really lovely, you have a great style. And you present it really good on your blog. Impressed. 🙂

  5. WOW YOUR STYLE ROCKS:). Hope you can check out my site: and hopefully, FOLLOW. However, I will just look through your blog in the mean time 😉

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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  6. Such a fantastic shots! Your blog is very inspiring!

  7. So pretty, beautiful outfit and lovely pics.
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  8. Pretty pictures, and it looks like a fun event. And thank you for stopping by my blog earlier

  9. Die Kette ist toll!