Shopping Day

Shopping Day

I spent the day in Konstanz shopping with my friend. slandering through stores, discovering new things, having lunch in a cute little Italian restaurant. taking photos, drinking coffee, and chatting away. I have to say I look horrible in these pictures, the wind blew my hair in all directions! But if you follow me on instagram you probably saw that I just cut my hair yesterday. So that problem is solved now. I’ll show you some pictures of my new hair cut soon. 
I told you about needing some glasses a few post ago. We’ll there finished. I can go get them today. 
After that I’ll meet up with Timy, were going to H&M Showroom. See whats new for spring!!


  1. Ah… so charming photos of Yours…le Tue foto sono Emozionanti, Intense, trasmettono il tuo Carisma…Cheers!
    by the way, simple look…but so special & fabolous, the best.
    Felicità, happy day

  2. aaw love your style!!!!so pretty!


  3. great photos! 🙂