Shooting Part 2

Shooting Part 2

 Shirt/ knitted shorts/ jacket all from H&M
Here’s the second part of the shooting with Cristina Zihmann.The first picture is my absolute favorite!
Which one do you like best? You can also get your picutres done by Cristina.  With the code word: “Blog/Shooting” you’ll even get 10% off. 
Xx Joy

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  1. what a great photo shoot!! I’m impressed! those light pink colours mmmm 🙂


  2. Love love love the first photo wicked

  3. great pictures!! you look so pretty!! i love all your looks 🙂 we follow you!!

  4. beautiful shoot!!!

    – True

  5. Beautiful photos!

  6. i think the 2nd photo might be my fave.

  7. love your photos! you are gorgeous!

  8. Just one word: wow
    nice post and picturesssss