Jaipur part I

As I said I felt super comfortable and safe in Mumbai, which is why I decided I could easily travel alone and see more of India. I took a short flight to Jaipur and had my hotel send a driver to pick me up. Traveling alone as a woman in India is no big deal.  I stayed at the Om Niwas hotel, which isn’t super fancy but still a great place to stay. I usually had the hotel book me a driver for a day, that’s the easiest, since they also love being your tour guide an make many recomandations (obviously also too many friends and family members to sell hand crafts). If you don’t want to interact too much and just want someone to drop you off exactly where you want them to, it’s best to take an Uber. Often cheaper then rickshaws and taxis and with the current money problem it’s better to pay with your app than in cash.

Most people traveling to India, visit Jaipur, the pink city with it’s stunning sights like amber fort and the beautifully ornamented city palace. I’m an early bird and since markets don’t open till 11 it’s best to head for sites around 9am when they open. That way you can enjoy a peaceful visit before all the tourist and tour guides invade the place.
Theres also a place you can visit monkeys, it’s free except you’ll want to buy nuts to feed them and maybe pay a guide since monkeys are quite aggressiv and might bite.  I had a monkey jump on my back when I entered their territory. I loved it but locals actually hate the monkeys. Their always hungry so they climb into houses and steal food.

Jaipur generally has loads of animals all over the place. Mostly cows and pigs randomly standing around on the street. Lots of dogs, but they’re friendly so no worries. Once in a while you’ll see a goat and depending where you are some monkeys. There is also an elephant village near Amber Fort, so if your driving around there you might have a elephant walking on the street between all those rickshaws and taxis.