jaipur II

As I mentioned bevor jaipur has an elephant village. You can hang out with the Elephants here, take a ride, paint and wash them or just have a little cuddle. You’ll pay around 30-60 dollars depending on what you want to do. I think that’s kind of pricy for India, but than again you can imagine that an elephant also costs a lot of money especially considering the amount they eat every single day.

I was low on cash because you can only get 30 dollars from the ATM at a time which isn’t much but okay since India is cheap. The bigger problem was that ATM’s usually didn’t work at all. I lived off 60 dollar cash the first entire week so I did find it appropriate to make a little drama before paying 30 dollars in cold hard cash! It was a nice experience too stroke the Elephant and just too watch it,  but the ride was really lame and I ended up feeling like a stupid tourist after all.

Same story with the Taj Mahal. Most people coming to India will do Dehli, Agra (Taj Mahal) and Jaipur. Since Jaipur is only 4-5 hours away from the Taj Mahal, I felt like I should go. I arrived around lunch time which isn’t the greatest time to go. Too many tourists and even more guides, it was horrible! I just couldn’t get rid of them and after having one guy persuade me for full 5 minutes I gave in, just so that he would finally stop. His english was so bad, I didn’t understand much about his tour but I’d seen a documentation before and could tell he was telling the same stories.  Since I didn’t want a tour guide in the first place this Mr. annoying became my personal photography slave. That’s what you get when you persuade a blogger!

Taj Mahal ist just a grave and totally overrated. I wouldn’t really recommend going and if you do than only very early in the morning. Agra Fort right next to the Taj is way more interesting and enjoyable. Other than that Agra has little to offer. I stayed for hardly two hours before I drove all the way back to jaipur.

The next day I went to the city palace at 9 am and had a fantastic tour. I learned a lot and since I was early it was quite peaceful and very nice! The city palace is huge and has a lot to see and totally worth a visit in my opinion. I also strolled around the market and visited two very cool concept stores : Teatro Dhora and Hot Pink. The second one was right next to this stunningly beautiful restaurant called Bar Palladio. 


  1. Love your photos of India x