Ice Fishing

Saturday we went Ice fishing in Hoch Ybrig, not to far away from Zürich. I always imagined the lake to be icy, but it was fully covered with snow. We got these cool snowshoes to walk over it and find a  nice spot. Luckily  the weather was absolutely fantastic, so we sat in out camping chair, our fish rod  in the snow, enjoying the warm sun. For lunch we enjoyed a great fondue in the charming little wood cabin next to the frozen lake. That afternoon our group caught about 12 fish which is pretty crazy. Mine was caught about half an hour bevor we left back home. With the help of some youtube videos I took out the fish and made it ready to cook. Very proud about that!


  1. beautiful photos

  2. oh that’s an incredible background…touch the snow for me too

  3. Oh wow, what a neat experience! And the landscape is so scenic. I’m sure Canada has some ice fishing spots, but they’re much further north than Toronto!

    Beautiful photos, as always. Have a great weekend!