how to make Chai latte

how to make Chai latte

How do you like my „pouring milk in to tee” photos! I didn’t plan on doing it, just made the right pictures at the right time. Should try that again and do the photos a little more professional. It’s so fascination can’t stop looking at it! Back to Chai latte, actually wanted to tell you how I made it. 
1. Get Chai tea ( you can probably get it in every store)
2. Pour hot water over it (Yeah duhhh that’s logical, I know)
3. Warm up the milk in the microwave and then use a mixer
or something like it so make the foam
4. Pour milk into tea (and watch how it mixes. as I said it’s very fascinating)
5. Put some sugar in it. Needs quite a bit, I did like 3 spoons!


  1. yum! i love chai!

  2. Those first three pictures are so cool,
    sounds pretty good as well haha!

  3. Wow, the pics are so cool! I though it was smoke at first! xoxo

  4. Mm this looks so nice! I love chai tea 🙂