Honeymoon Roadtrip

It’s only a few weeks till August, till our wedding and till our big fat road trip! I don’t think I ever mentioned it on the blog. We’ll be doing a big road-trip for our honey moon. We’ll be driving from Switzerland to Mongolia and back in 4  Month. I got to take those month off from work and will be returning back to my job after that. Same for Sven. Actually he is compensating his overtime. I know, who has 4 month overtime, right? Well Sven does.

Once we had our job situation set, we started applying for Visas. To get those, you need to know your route pretty exact. So what we did, is we timed the whole 4 month journey and wrote down what exact date we would enter each of those 17 countries. Of course always planning some extra time for activities and unexpected accidents on the way. For the longest time we never really went into more detail then that. But a few weeks ago I started doing more research. Like where we want to sleep the first few nights:  I planend a gas station in Germany, Friends garden in Poland and a national Park in Lithuania and then we’ll already be entering Russia.

We’ll be in Russia for quite a while so I looked up what we would want to see and do. I want to see Moscow for sure, visit Suzdale a charming historic city, do Novosibirsk which is  a stop on the Transibirien Railway, maybe hike Mr. Aktru and the Altai mountains and go see a classic russian ballett.

Then we’ll enter Mongolia, where we’ll be staying longer. Here I want to visit the Egal hunter families in Ölgi, go to lake Hovsgol which is supposed to be really nice nature wise. After that we’ll arrive in Ulaanbaatar. This is the capital city of Mongolia and our final destination bevor heading back with a detour through gobi dessert. Wow I can’t wait to see that! The free horses, camels, and families living in their gers. We’ll than enter Kazakhstan, maybe Kirigistan, and than Uzbekistian. I used to live in Usbekistan for 8 years and I can’t wait to finally show Sven. Besides Tashkent, I also want to show him Buchara and hopefully Khiva. That’s where we’ll probably go over the boarder to Turkmenistan.

In Turkmenistan I really want to see the doorway to hell which is a burning gas hole in the dessert.  I also can’t wait to visit Iran. There are so many places I want to see there. I think I’ll have to go back an other time and do a big Iran trip.

After Iran comes Turkey. I have a friend living in Istanbul that I want to see and also drive by Cappadocia and Pamukkale. After Turkey we’ll enter the balkan, which we already got to know last summer, so we’ll pretty much just drive trough.!

Can’t wait to share more about the road trip.