H&M Showroom

H&M Showroom

As I told you I went to the H&M Show room on Thursday. Made some photos so you can see what it looks like and the colors that are coming for Fall/ Winter.
But that’s not the reason why I went there. I wanted to check out the collection so I could plan shooting based on the styling. Cool thing is a blogger friend of mine just started working there. I meet here for the first time; we had so much fun exchanging Idea, talking about the fashion business in Switzerland…bla bla bla. Well anyway since she’s an upcoming stylist we decided on doing the next shooting project together!


  1. Oh I really wish H&M existed in Australia!!
    Your blog is really beautiful, and your style is amazing.
    I’m new to blogger, and would love if you would take a look at my blog.
    Have a wonderful day. x


  2. Nice collection! I love their knit items!