Hawaii I

In Hawaii I was staying in a hostel (The Beach Waikiki Boutique Hostel) a 4 Bedroom dorm. I didn’t really get to know the other girls in my room, since a friend from Switzerland was couch surfing just 2 min from my hostel. I found out after waking up at 5AM in my first night (jet leg). She had sendt me a message that she was also in Waikiki and wanted to go up diamond head a 6AM to see the sunrise. 1 hour later I was standing at her doorsteps.

On these photos you’ll find the view from diamond head. Unfortunately there were a million tourists which disturbs the whole experience. That’s why we climbed over the fence, to have a little space to our selfs.
The second day we bought a bike at walmart so we could cruise around but the bike was really uncomfortable and other sites on the islands are quite far away so I wouldn’t recommend that.
We learned it the hard way. After biking a quarter of the way to makapu beach we were dying! We put our towels on the saddles to kill the pain, but that only helped a tiny bit. the wind was strong and the streets went up and down so at some point we gave up and hitch hiked our way to the beach. We got to sit in the back of a strangers pick up with our bikes which was really fun! On the way to Makapu beach we came by a place called Lanai Lookout which was absolutely stunning. ( on the photos it’s the curved stones and the wild water splashing)


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