Fashion days Zürich – Day 2

Fashion days Zürich – Day 2

  My Outfit yesterday was supposed to be all black! I had this amazing see trough basketball kind of jacket until Mirjam came around and suddenly decided to give me a make over.  I ended up wearing her bright red blouse and Timys Statement necklace, which he was only willing to give me because he could wear Mirjams leather top, who again wore my necklace. 

The show yesterday was all about the 9th Annabelle Award. One of the 5 young designers we saw won an internship for Barbara Bui! This picture is not the winner, yet my personal favorite. 

And since Barbara Bui was here with us in Switzerland, we also got to see here latest show! 

Best part of Fashion days is meeting up with friends. Here my super stylish Grey ( H&M pr manager) 
And Timy- whom I love to party with —>watch this video if you want to see what I mean

 an other favorite/not winner of Annabelle awards – This is so Mc Queen

The super blogger-model-photografer- djane-jump!


  1. I always love an all black ensemble, but I love the way your outfit turned out – the red looks fabulous on you!

  2. Great outfit! I am mad about that necklace. Awesome piece!


  3. Love your look, you looked beautiful 🙂
    Andrea in Fashion

  4. lovely!

    X Jenny

  5. wow,amazing!