Dressed down Neon

Dressed down Neon

 I’m not to big with the neon trend, I quess it’s just not really my thing. But I’ll make an exeption for this Balzer. Combining it with white and beige neutralizes the the whole look. I love wearing interessting/extrem/extravagant (not talking about Lady Gaga extravagant) pieces and dressing them down like it’s the most noramelst thing in the world. Or wearing normal basics and make them more interssting through a key piece. 


  1. This neon tweed jacket is absolutely gorgeous! Perfect necklace pairing!


  2. Nice outfit! Love the jacket xx


  3. i love love love this outfit!

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  4. nice outfit 🙂
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  5. that jacket is too pretty <3 so fun and unique! great put together look

    Alexa <3