Day 4: Christopher Kane

Day 4: Christopher Kane

 Kany West: Yeah he’s a cool dude! Totally chill and sympathetic. You didn’t even realiz he’s a star he was acting so normal.
 So what kind of phone does Anna have. It’s not an I phone or any other cool smart phone.. hmm
 That’s my spot their..better than any frontrow! The Models walk directly to me, perfect view 🙂
 Thier were these really cool pieces in the Kollektion. I should have gotten a close up, while I was backstage. Didn’t think of that. We’ll anyways in the second picture you see it. He put some kind of plastic flowers between the silk. So the flowers aren’t printed, as you would think. It’s genius!
Sory for the Late post, this is still from London.


  1. Fab photo of Kanye xoxo

  2. My friend is a designer for JBrand jeans here in LA – they’ve been collaborating with Kane for a couple seasons now… I am a lucky girl because he gives me all the samples!!

    Now I just have to get myself one of those amazing vintage wallpaper inspired tops to go with and I’ll be all set!

  3. Yeah seriously I was shocked to see Anna is NOT on a blackberry.

    Liz Lizo

  4. Wow, Anna’s mobile is.. special haha. So cool that you met Kanye. I really the material of the second dress you shot. It looks as if the dress is flying.