Colder Days – Darker Colors

Colder Days – Darker Colors

It’s getting colder and I’m longing for more darker colors. The white summer dresse have past and now it’s time for dark burgundy reds, deep blues and blacks.  I don’t know why we people are like that. Maybe because dark colos make you feel like your wearing warmer clothes. Anyways I’m ready! Allready got a dark red lipstick from Mac and the perfect dark blue velvet boots that I orded on Zalando.
P.s Are you watching all the fasion shows online? I whish I was in New York right now. I’m reading all the blogs, watching videos on vogue, and photos on (from a photographer I meet last time I was in Paris). Maybe I can go next season. Hope so!!

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  1. oh this outfit is fantastic. i love the bag, and the MAC lipstick fo sho!


  2. Wow. The Bag is fantastic!

  3. great pictures- especially the 4-th one- u look beautiful!!!

    great from Poland 🙂

  4. Der Lippenstift ist hammer. 🙂 Außerdem mag ich das Oberteil und die Kette.

  5. Stunning Shoes. lov’in ur blog 😀 *new follower*

  6. nice outfit sweetie!!

    thanks for your lovely comment


  7. Lovely outfit!! I really like your boots and lipstick.
    I follow you honey.

  8. love the color!

    – True

  9. I love your blog! So inspirational. And your style is so unique!
    PS: I have the same bag! I’m totally in love with it!