Classy and all

I’ve been pretty busy lately so let me give you an update. These pictures are from a weekend trip to Davos with Ciroc Vodka. We were invited to the modernity festival  and had a little cocktail course as well.  The best part of the weekend was actually hanging out with my blogger buddy Anja and also getting to know Minea and Mary better! I like to snap in fun moments like these, so just add me if you don’t want to miss anything @joyoelen. After a crazy party night, we went back to the hotel for dinner at 9 or 10 pm. You have to know the party started at 4pm. Kind of strange time to go home from a party, but any way we were hungry so we had some fondue at the hotel. I loooove fondue. The next day we went up to the mountains, walking around, enjoying the sunny weather and the little snow we had till than.  After that I went strait from Davos to Zürich for a Ballet premiere in the Opera. It’s such a fantastic building inside. You have to see it, if your in Zürich. This is the look I was wearing at the Ballet. I actually  hated the look while I was shooting it at the hotel. I felt like some business women and totally out of place with all these edgy bloggers around me. But once I got at the ballet I loved it so much, I guess because than it felt right!  (Why are we girls always so complicated.)

Blouse: Zara
Pants: Mango
Shoes: Balmain.



  1. Mega hübsch und so tolli Location <3

    Liebs Grüessli

  2. Looking beautiful ,elegant and glamorous!! Great photos too!

  3. I actually really like your look, it’s great!

  4. beautiful!

  5. I love your all black look and the pictures are just great!
    xx, Carmen